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How Can We Eliminate Fat And Cellulite Without Surgery?

Cell Sculpt, with its multi-treatment programmes, provides a non-invasive approach to deliver fat and cellulite reduction without the need for painful procedures or downtime.


Cell Sculpt is a 3-in-1 treatment made up of ultrasound cavitation, Radio Frequency, and vacuum therapy. Let's look at each one in turn to see how they work to re-shape and contour your body.


It's a relatively new technology for the breakdown of excess fat. It's based on low frequency ultrasound, which produces a strong wave of pressure. This pressure targets the membranes of the fat cells to cause them to collapse and release their contents. I always explain it like this - it's simplistic, but helps you to understand what is actually happening: think of a sheet of bubble wrap - most of us have taken great pleasure in collapsing those little bubbles and feeling them 'pop' - so now imagine if those bubbles were filled with a runny, liquid - squish them, and that runny liquid can escape out of the bubble. Essentially, that's what is happening to your fat cells in the areas we are treating. The contents of the fat cells undergo several chemical breakdowns as they are eliminated from your body naturally. Ultrasound cavitation leads to immediate fat loss, which doesn't have the ability to 're-group' anywhere else on your body - it's gone for good.


Well, as I've already stated, it's completely painless. A layer of conductive gel is smoothed onto the areas we are targeting before the ultrasound applicator glides over the area, emitting the ultrasound waves. There's no sensation at all; you may hear a faint 'buzzing' sound as the ultrasound gets to work, but that's it.


Radio Frequency (RF) has been around for a while and is well recognised as a very effective treatment to not only assist in the breakdown of cellulite and stubborn fat, but also in its ability to significantly lift and tighten the skin. It works by creating heat within the skin tissues, and once the temperature in the skin reaches a certain point, some really great things start to happen, such as the breakdown of damaged collagen, an instant shortening and tightening of healthy collagen fibres, and promotion of new collagen growth.


Pleasantly 'toasty' hot. Yes, you will feel the heat building up in the treated areas, but it's all under control because your skin temperature is constantly monitored to make sure that we reach the magic number needed to get the job done, without causing discomfort.


This is the third aspect of the combined 3-in-1 technologies. This is how we round off your body sculpting treatment. We use it to boost your lymphatic drainage, smooth out the skin {it's great on cellulite} and as we're still using RF combined with vacuum therapy, we're delivering further skin lifting and tightening


The gentle suction and pumping action of the vacuum lifts and massages the skin and directs the broken down fat, cellulite and toxins towards the lymph nodes for elimination. So that's it, that's how we eliminate fat and cellulite without the need for surgery.


You can contact us to find out more, or why not book in for a free consultation and half price trial treatment? Just click here, fill out your details, and we'll be in touch to arrange your appointment.

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