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Top Five Laser Hair Removal Questions

We're a busy Laser clinic, and as the senior Laser practitioner with more than 20 years' experience of operating Lasers for hair removal, I've pretty much had every question possible asked of me, but here's my 'Top Five' list, I hope you find the answers useful

Question 1. Does it really work?

Answer Yes, it does. This is the short and simple answer. The longer version is, yes, it will work for almost everyone. There's a small percentage of people that it doesn't work well for, such as those taking certain medications, underlying health issues, hormonal fluctuations, and just plain stubborn hair. A thorough consultation and medical history taken before having any treatments is the best way for a Laser practitioner to determine what the possible outcome would be for you.

Question 2. How does it work?

Answer By using a combination of light and heat. The light energy is absorbed by the melanin or pigment in the hair, which is very quickly converted into heat. This heat damages the hair follicles, which you can think of as the 'production centres' of the hair. This damage, which is limited only to the follicles, stops and delays future hair growth.

Question 3. Does it hurt?

Answer It depends on the Laser or IPL device being used. There are many and varied Laser and IPL machines around, and every practitioner will have their favourite. The more recent models of Laser, such as Diode, or the model we have, the Smart Diode, have the ability to deliver more shots of Laser at lower frequencies, meaning that the 'pain' factor can be dialled down to a very comfortable level. Cooling of the Laser applicator keeps the temperature on the skin down to a comfortable and safe level.

Question 4. Does all the hair disappear in one go?

Answer If only! Hair grows in cycles, and has different phases of growth within those cycles. Put simply, Laser is at its most effective when the treated hairs are in the new growth stage. Not all the hairs in any given area will be in the new growth stage - around 30% of the hairs will be in the new or active stage, which is why you will need several treatments at spaced intervals to clear the hairs. You can expect to see less hair 2-3 weeks following your treatment, as hairs fall out at different rates.

Question 5. How many treatments will I need?

Answer It's a good question, and again will depend on several different factors such as speed of hair growth, condition of hair (is it coarse/fine/light/dark?) where it is on your body, and any health considerations. I advise clients that a minimum number of treatments will be around 6, with some needing more depending on how well we get on.

So there we have it, 5 of the most-asked questions about Laser hair removal. If your question isn't in my top 5, you can get an answer by contacting us. Just call, email, Facebook or Insta your question, we're here to help. Thanks for reading!


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