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It is with a heavy heart and much regret that we have decided to temporarily close the clinic with immediate effect, following advice from the Prime Minister and the Chief Medical Advisors.

We have resisted closure for as long as possible in order to keep our clients on track with their treatment plans, but after consultation with Michelle, we have agreed that this is the responsible thing to do in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Client safety is our paramount concern at all times, but especially during these very uncertain times that we are now facing. We operate high standards of hygiene routinely, and we have recently implemented further infection control measures to make the clinic environment as safe as possible.

Due to the very close proximity between ourselves and our clients when delivering treatments, we feel that it would now be irresponsible to continue in the face of the latest Government directives.

We envisage an initial closure of 4-6 weeks, however we will keep this under review subject to further Government advice, and that of our professional bodies.

Our suppliers have been in touch to reassure us that they have good stocks to carry us over this uncertain period, and we will be happy to keep you supplied with your Environ Skincare and Heliocare SPF products by post, so that at least you can keep up the good work at home. 

We wish you and your nearest and dearest good health. Enjoy the Spring sunshine (remember SPF on after 12 noon!) and we will look forward to reopening the clinic soon.

Very best wishes,

Karen and Michelle






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