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NEW! Fusion MesoGlow Facial


I’ve been trying this treatment out on myself for a little while to monitor what kind of results it would produce. All I will say is that many of my clients have been complementing me on my skin recently, so this treatment has had the desired effect!


What Is It? A combination of micro needling and active Mesotherapy serum infusion to boost your skin’s hydration levels, promote radiance and leave your skin looking plumper and firmer without downtime. Over time it will soften fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.


This form of micro needling is completely different to the medical version I have been providing for many years - for a start there’s no numbing cream required, as the needle length I’m using is very superficial - you’ll hardly notice any sensation - just the after-glow! 


*If your skin needs are more about tackling deeper lines, wrinkles or established pigmentation, I would still recommend the medical version of micro needling for you

The Fusion MesoGlow Facial comprises of 3 steps

Vacuum RF therapy
Ultrasound cavitation and RF
CELL Sculpt body contouring

a superficial skin peel


micro needling with a specific Fusion Mesotherapy cocktail for your skin condition


Dermalux LED light therapy


Back by popular demand! A-Lift and RF combination facial


This facial combines A Lift micro current lifting and muscle toning with RF Radio Frequency skin lifting and tightening. If you haven’t tried this facial yet, here’s an opportunity to take advantage of our January Offer, and see the results for yourself.


Quick Overview: 

Works to lift and tighten areas such as sagging jawline, neck, cheeks and eyes, resulting in a more sculpted and contoured look. It’s completely painless and boosts the energy cells in your facial muscles, leading to prolonged results.


CELL Sculpt’s facial RF programme targets all areas of the face and neck. You will notice an improvement after just one session. By gently heating the deeper layers of the skin, RF waves produce an immediate tightening effect, whilst at the same time boosting collagen and elastin production for long term results. 


Duration: 11/4 hours


Exercise and healthier eating options do play a big part in how we look, but what about those stubborn areas that never seem to shift no matter what you do? Is there anything that can help?

We have seen some genuinely fantastic results for our clients who have been having CellSculpt body contouring treatments- anything from loose skin on arms and legs, to cellulite and excess fat around the abdomen - all these areas have been successfully reduced and improved, leaving them feeling more confident and happier with their appearance.

Cell Sculpt_body_Feb24.png


laser hair removal

Our Smart Diode Laser has a triple wavelength that can target most hair types and colours safely with fast treatment times and minimal discomfort. Book your FREE patch test here

Our Smart Diode Laser hair removal treatment is producing impressive and fast results for our delighted clients.

Here's a FIVE STAR Google review from one of our happy clients

"So happy with the results of my Laser hair removal! No more nasty ingrown hairs and my skin is much smoother. The results are better than I expected and Karen makes you feel so comfortable. Highly recommend."

CELL Sculpt body contouring
Radio Frequency(RF)
Face & Body Treatments
CellSculpt delivers the latest combined treatments for body firming and sculpting. Targeted Radio Frequency lifts and tightens skin on face, neck, and décolleté to improve facial contours and reduce wrinkles.

The World’s First Microneedling Pen Combined with Electroporation Technology

Copy of Advanced-Nutrition-Programme.png

Ask about our Gift Vouchers - personalised

to your individual requirements

A word about late cancellations

We try to be as understanding as possible regarding late cancellations, however, just recently we have had a high number of appointments being cancelled on the day, and in one case 30 minutes before. As a result of this, we are now going to be strict about enforcing our cancellation policy, which is that appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before, will be charged at £50, or alternatively you can forfeit your treatment for that day if you have paid for a course. 

Consulting Room 2023.png

To get the best out of all the treatments that we offer, a consultation is required. This is a valuable FREE one to one meeting focused on you, and will provide you with qualified and experienced advice. 


Treatments subject to medical checks. Full Terms and Conditions HERE


Hi Karen, just wanted to say thanks for today’s Thermavein treatment. I’m pleased to  see what a difference the treatment has made to my red veins, thank you!




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