April 8, 2017

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Interrupted Laser Treatments During Covid 19 - Advice For Clients

March 25, 2020

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Is Skin Microneedling Safe?


In the right hands, as with all aesthetic beauty treatments, skin needling is a safe and effective practice. Recently, I read an article, published in the Telegraph magazine, which I felt was very misleading and full of inaccuracies.


So, in an effort to properly inform anyone who is considering this treatment, I'm happy to explain the facts here. I have been offering skin micro needling treatments for the past 9 years, and it's one of our most-requested treatments.


Techniques and instruments have evolved over those years, and it's important to me as a practitioner that I keep up to date with the latest clinical data and research, as well as attending advanced training courses to further my knowledge.


Our clinic recently upgraded our Fusion Mesopen to the latest version, along with new mesotherapy serums and treatment protocols to enhance results.


The Fusion Mesopen is a motorised pen-like instrument. It has a sterile needle cartridge fitted at the tip, and pierces the skin at the rate of 133 punctures per second, resulting in faster treatment times and less trauma than devices such as skin rollers.









Microneedling, PCI (Percutaneous Collagen Induction) , CST (Collagen Stimulation Therapy) Skin Needling - just some of the terms used to describe a method of collagen and elastin stimulation in the treated areas.




By piercing the skin with sterile micro needles ranging from 0.3 - 2mm (millimetres) in length to produce small blood spots on the surface of the skin.* The act of piercing the dermis to produce minimal bleeding will stimulate a healing process in the skin, leading to new collagen and elastin deposits. End result - tighter skin and line and wrinkle reduction. Other benefits of the treatment inclu