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Retinol Or Vitamin A?

The Role Of Vitamin A In Skin

What makes Vitamin A such a success when it’s applied to the skin? Let’s go back a little bit, to the early 1990’s, when Dr Des Fernandes, founder and scientific director of Environ Skincare, pioneered the use of Vitamin A , along with Anti Oxidants and Beta Carotene, in his skincare formulas.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin and an essential nutrient for humans. The term "vitamin A" encompasses a group of chemically related organic compounds that includes retinol, retinal, retinoic acid, and several provitamin carotenoids, most notably beta-carotene.

Retinol has become a byword for skin improvement and reducing the effects of skin ageing, but it can also be an irritant to skin, and over-use can cause redness, flaking, itching and a burning sensation. Dr Des knew this, and instead used the milder form of Vitamin A, which will still reverse damage and signs of ageing, but is gentle enough to be used every day.

Vitamin A is a phenomenal molecule that is known to deliver a number of incredible benefits to skin when it’s at the right levels. Achieving the right levels however is the tricky part because based on our modern lifestyles and our exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors, our Vitamin A levels are reduced daily, and this reduction in levels is the root cause of unhealthy looking skin.

The only way to solve the deficiencies of Vitamin A in the skin is through products like Environ Skincare. It’s science based, and that’s what is so great about Environ. It’s not just another face cream, it has the ability to transform your skin - sounds like a bold statement, but it’s a fact.

Here are some of the key takeaways of using Environ Vitamin A Skincare:

  • Vitamin A can normalise skin cell function. This means it’s able to influence cells to behave in a younger, healthier way, leaving skin looking more youthful and radiant.

  • It helps to improve problematic skin conditions such as acne by acting to reduce and normalise oil production, leaving skin more balanced and less inflamed

  • Vitamin A helps to normalise the appearance of pigmentation. It does this by correcting the activity of tyrosinase, and enzyme that plays a vital role in the production of melanin.

  • It assists in the promotion of healthy collagen and elastin formulation by stimulating fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen in the dermis) leaving skin looking firmer and more youthful with a radiant glow

  • Vitamin A helps to speed up healing, prevents breakouts and supports the skin’s immune system. It promotes natural moisturising, which means it helps to hydrate the skin effectively.

  • Vitamin A assists in promoting and maintaining a healthy dermis and epidermis - the top two layers of your skin

When it comes to Vitamin A skincare products, no skincare brand understands the importance  and benefits of Vitamin A better than Environ Skin Care. Dr Fernandes thoroughly researched Vitamin A and harnessed it’s power, to create Environ Skin Care products over 25 years ago.

When combined with other essential nutrients like anti oxidants and peptides, Environ Skin Care products take your skin to the ultimate in skin health and youthful appearance. The Vitamin Step Up system created by Dr Fernandes was developed to overcome retinoid reactions from over use, so that your skin can acclimatise comfortably to the increased Vitamin A levels as you progress through from levels 1 - 5.

Are you new to Environ? Why not have a one-to-one consultation with me? I have almost 30 years’ experience of working with and personally using Environ Skincare, and I can give you the correct advice on how to use Environ’s products to both improve and enhance your skin.

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