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Fillmed Nano Soft - A gamechanger for the treatment of eyes and lips

nano - dictionary definition - "very small - minute" - that's what we're talking about when it comes to Fillmed Nanosoft . This is intra-dermal injection using tiny needles at 0.3mm to deposit NCTF 135 HA , a skin revitalising complex made up of Hyaluronic Acid plus 59 other ingredients including:

VITAMINS A cocktail of skin-loving vitamins to feed and strengthen the skin

AMINO ACIDS Help to build protein chains for healthy collagen and elastin synthesis

CO-ENZYMES Are 'helpers' - think of them as a booster - helping the skin to take up and use the injected ingredients

NUCLEIC ACIDS Vital for cell functioning, maintenance and growth

NCTF 135 HA revitalises the skin, and works in synergy with your skin's own processes, and that's the game-changer bit - the injection part is only the beginning - NCTF 135 HA goes on to influence healthy cellular activity.

It doesn't just stay where it is put, but goes on to 'flood' the treated areas with it's skin-enhancing and revitalising ingredients.The end result for you? Firmer, more youthful skin, and a reduction in lines and wrinkles. Here's what the clinical trials showed

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