Advanced Aesthetic Treatments

Effective yet gentle enough for sensitive skin

The range of superficial chemical peels by French aesthetics company FILLMED are formulated with a 'new age' ingredient, Gluconolactone, which does not strip the skin of moisture. With no visible peeling, a glowing, radiant complexion can be enjoyed without downtime. These peels are safe to use all year round.

FILLMED’s range of results-driven peels work to slough away dead skin cells gently yet effectively to reveal a softer, smoother and brighter looking skin. FILLMED peels are suitable for use before most other aesthetic treatments for added glow and vitality. 


My skin is the mirror of my soul

Skin that expresses positive, natural emotion

… reflects healthy elegant appearance … & doesn’t need additional make-up 

       Radiant & even







FILLMED  Bright Peel is perfect for treating a variety of skin concerns including pigmentation (dark spots) fine lines, skin laxity, and restoring a more youthful glow to the skin. The Bright Peel contains a 50% complex of Gluconalactone, Phytic Acid, Citric Acid and Glycolic Acid. Gluconalactone is a PHA (Poly Hydroxy Acid) it acts not only as an exfoliator on the skin, but also as a hydrator, making the FILLMED Bright Peel a unique combination of acids that work together to improve skin without stripping it of essential moisture.


In addition, Gluconalactone has the capacity to neutralise free radicals, which can attack healthy skin cells through sun exposure and pollution. Phytic Acid is derived from rice, legumes and grains. It’s good for melasma, pigmentation, scarring, open pores, and is a natural anti oxidant. Citric Acid is derived from citrus fruits, and works by exfoliating the upper layer of dead skin. It has protective, anti oxidant and corrective effects on the skin, and helps to reverse visible signs of sun damage and ageing. A softer, smoother skin is the result of using Citric Acid in FILLMED’s Bright Peel formulation.

Glycolic Acid is probably one of the best-known of the AHA family of acids. It’s derived from sugar cane, and it has the smallest molecule of the AHA group, and so penetrates the skin easily. Glycolic Acid can improve the look of pigmentation marks, dehydrated skin and wrinkles. Skin elasticity is also improved through the use of Glycolic Acid. FILLMED skin peels can be used prior to other aesthetic skin treatments such as micro needling or Demalux LED treatments, but for addressing skin concerns such as pigmentation, acne, skin laxity and overall skin improvement, a course of 4 treatments spaced at 2 week intervals is recommended for optimal results. 

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