nano - dictionary definition - "very small - minute" - that's what we're talking about when it comes to FILLMED Nanosoft.

This is intra-dermal injection using tiny needles at 0.6mm to deposit  NCTF 135 HA,

a skin revitalising complex made up of Hyaluronic Acid plus 59 other ingredients including:

  • VITAMINS             A cocktail of skin-loving vitamins to feed and strengthen the skin

  • AMINO ACIDS      Help to build protein chains for healthy collagen and elastin synthesis

  • CO-ENZYMES      Are 'helpers' - think of them as a booster - helping the skin to take up and use                                 the injected ingredients 

  • NUCLEIC ACIDS  Vital for cell functioning, maintenance and growth

NCTF 135 HA revitalises the skin, and works in synergy with your skin's own processes, and that's the game-changer bit - the injection part is only the beginning - NCTF 135 HA goes on to influence healthy cellular activity. 


It doesn't just stay where it is put, but goes on to 'flood' the treated areas with it's skin-enhancing and revitalising ingredients.The end result for you? Firmer, more youthful skin, and a reduction in lines and wrinkles.

(1) Awarded as one of the best products of last 20 years in aesthetics from the Polish Association of Aesthetic Dermatology , 2018. (2) Study of the effects of the repeated intradermal injections of NCTF® 135 HA on the consequences of the cutaneous ageing of the face, 2011. Open, multicentric and prospective study conducted in 17 centres. 40 patients included (51,5 years old on average), 3 of them left the study. 4 sessions spaced out by 15 days and 1 sessions by 30 days. (3) Clinical evaluation of anti-aging efficacy of mesotherapy with NCTF® 135 HA on healthy volunteers, 2014. Open, single-centre and prospective study. 20 patients included (49,25 years old on average), 2 of them left the study. 3 sessions spaced out by 15 days and 2 sessions by 30 days.


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