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What is LED light therapy?

LED light therapy is a form of treatment that has been independently studied for more than 40 years worldwide and can be a simple and effective alternative to prescription medication or invasive surgery. It consists of single coloured lights that emit energy to stimulate the natural healing power of the cells in the body.

Light therapy is a natural process with a great deal of benefit and no real known adverse side effects. Red light therapy is capable of penetrating the skin to a depth of about 8 to 10 mm. Once absorbed this red light energy is converted to cellular energy. This conversion of energy leads to stimulation of the body’s natural processes on a cellular level.

                              This process then leads to a whole series of metabolic events, like:

  • Increased circulation

  • Formation of new capillaries

  • Increased lymphatic system

  • Increased production of collagen

  • Increased phagocytosis, or cellular clean up

  • Tissue granulation stimulated

  • Inflammation reduced

How does LED light therapy work?

The skin can absorb light and will use it as a source of energy to stimulate a healing process. LED light therapy uses specific colour wavelengths of photon light that will enter the skin and penetrate at various depths. It generates energy into a form that the body can use. Collagen is stimulated, elasticity is improved, oxygen flow and blood circulation increased, bacteria is killed and the skin becomes balanced and radiant.

Red Light Therapy for Wrinkles

Red light therapy can give a natural face-lift to decrease the visible signs of wrinkles to the face.

Particularly when combined with infrared light, red light therapy leads to increased plumping of the dermis and epidermis, reducing the depth and number of visible facial wrinkles. The difference is generally apparent after just a single treatment. 

Red Light Therapy for Rosacea

Rosacea is an unsightly condition characterised by a tendency to exhibit a permanent red shade to areas of the face, as a result of increased capillarisation of the dermis. While Rosacea is often an isolated condition, it can coexist with Acne, and in either case can be a source of acute embarrassment for the sufferer.

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